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Jl. Jatisari No.28 Sumampir

Purwokerto 53125

Telp. (0281) 623117

Fax. (0281) 623117

Email: admin@lppslh.or.id

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[av_gmap_location address=’Jl. Jatisari no 28, Sumampir, Purwokerto Utara’ city=’Banyumas’ country=’Indonesia’ long=’109.23992350000003′ lat=’-7.4039246′ marker=” imagesize=’40’]

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LPPSLH selalu terbuka untuk siapa saja dan dari mana saja, tak usah ragu dan sungkan untuk berkunjung ke rumah kami.

Jika ada hal – hal yang ingin ditanyakan kepada kami, silah isi form di bawah ini :

[av_contact email=’lsm.lppslh@lppslh.or.id’ title=’Send us email’ button=’Submit’ on_send=” sent=’Your message has been sent!’ link=’manually,http://’ subject=’Contact From website’ autorespond=’Dear our beloved friend,

Thank you for contacting LPPSLH. We have received your email and our team will be responding to you very soon.

You may also refer to our FAQs at http://lppslh.or.id/faq for more information.

Please note our working hours is 08.30 to 16.30 (GMT +7) from Monday to Friday and we regret the delay in reply over the non-working hours.

Best regards
Tel: (0281) 623117
Fax: (0281) 623117′ captcha=’active’ form_align=” color=”]
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